About Thinking Outside The Street

Wall Street is an important cog in the wheel of capitalism. It is a very necessary part of the building of our nation and the creation of individual wealth.

But, for the everyday investor, the ways of “The Street” are not only confusing, they offer little advantage in the managing of small investment accounts. By “small”, we mean anything less that several million dollars. At that level and individual can rent Wall Street expertise for himself. Below that level, it is hard to find the kind of information it takes to make investing like The Street feasible.

Conventional wisdom has dealt with this by offering methods such as asset allocation and buy and hold strategies through the use of mutual funds. But, any investor who endured the pain of 2007 and 2008 markets knows that this solution fell short of being enough to get them through those difficult days.

Thinking Outside The Street is a blog, newsletter, and podcast that helps everyday investors know how to think about their portfolios when Wall Street expertise is not affordable. Some of the thoughts here are unconventional. That should be a welcome relief to investors who want to know how to pursue their financial goals while managing the risks in their portfolios.