Episode 2 – Interview With Jason Wilder about 2014 NAAIM Conference



In This Episode:

  • Incoming President of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM), Jason Wilder talks about the value offered by a conference such as the Uncommon Knowledge conference happening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 5 – 7.
  • Paul and Jason talk about the networking opportunities built in the conference schedule.
  • Jason discusses the purpose of the NAAIM organization.
  • Jason reveals the benefits of having a room full of vendors that are eager to help advisors run their businesses well.

NAAIM website

Conference Information

Uncommon Knowledge Conference is just around the corner

The National Association of Active Investment Managers National Conference is coming soon.

UK Conference

Conference in Fort Lauderdale

Next week we will be interviewing Jason Wilder the incoming president of NAAIM about what the conference will offer for attenders. Be sure to come back and listen to the podcast next week.

NAAIM is an organization dedicated to the promotion and understanding of Active Investment Management. Their goal is to help professionals and individuals achieve excellence in managing their portfolios through innovative and dynamic management techniques.

Their conference is usually like drinking from a fire hose in all that is presented. Be sure to attend if you can!